Special anime style character : Haruka with UTS2! UTS2.08(Unity-Chan Toon Shader Ver2) include URP Support

For more information, you can visit the Unity Asset Store.


•School Unifrom x 3 color Polygons: 44111

•Tshirt with shorts x 3 color Polygons: 47962

•Special dress x 2 color Polygons: 39728

•(1.1 Version Update) Swimsuit x 2 colors Polygons: 40826

•totally 10 Prefabs include


Rig: Humanoid

Blendshapes: 40 Facial expressions


•this is a character pack.

Backgrounds,Animations, other items,and Post-processing effects for rendering in the sample images are not included.


•There is a URP package in“URP” Folder

By expanding the URP package data , it can be overwritten and converted to URP compatible material.


•I Use UTS2(Unity-Chan Toon Shader Ver2)in this Project as default material

Of course you can also use other toon shader instead of UTS2.

You can see some comparison results in sample images.


•The skirt and dress do not use extra bone

So if you want to Use Physical Simulation On skirt and dress ,You need to use the Cloth simulation plug-in

I use “Magica Cloth” in the video for cloth simulation test, You can find it on AssetStore.

Of course you can also use other plug-ins to achieve similar result.