More than a year has passed since the Beautiful Sky available in the Unity Store Asset,

now Beautiful Sky 2 is complete!

This is a super high quality collection of stylized skies in 8K resolution.

For more information, you can visit the Unity Asset Store.


• This second work of Beautiful Sky series pays more attention to the depiction of large clouds and the light and shadow performance of the hand-painted sky
• You can see a 360 panorama of all the sky in Video 1
Video 2 is the rendering test of the sky in other projects
• 10 type top-quality hand-painted style skyboxes with variant ,totally 20+ sky
• All skyboxes are 8K resolution (8192*4096)
• Each skybox has ultra-high definition and rich details
• No matter from any angle, you can get amazing visual effects
•There is a variant for each sky, which has higher contrast and some details are blurred, which can produce different visual effects, and you can choose to use it according to your own scene
• Drag them into your scene and they can change your game scene almost instantly
• Suitable for any game.
•This skybox package does not contain any other content(characters ,environment ,models,grass)
• The characters appearing in the video are Haruka and Unity-chan,you can find them in AssetStore,The environment used in video 2 and other photos is Japan Village,you can find it in AssetStore.
You can see what all the sky looks like in video 1 and the pictures in the previous section,
Subsequent pictures show you the actual effect of the skybox used in other projects, for reference only
• Hope they turn out to be the best and most beautiful stylized skies you’ve ever used~